Have you ever took something in to be repaired and when you get it back,  it's not the same as the way you sent it in?

For Christmas, I got a diamond necklace.  I loved it, I wore so much that the Clasp on the back became loose.

I had my boyfriend take it back to JC Penney to get fixed. When we got the chain back, I noticed something was different.

I went back and looked at prior pictures to make sure that I was in imagining things. The chain came back at least 2" shorter.

I asked myself come out why would my chain be 2" shorter when I sent it for the clasp to be replaced?




What was even what crazy was when I called JC Penney to tell them that, they seem surprised as well. So my chain has been in the shop for at least a month because of the class. Now I have to send the chain back, no telling how long it will take but I'd like my chain to be the way it was when I got it.

Have you ever had an issue like that? What did you do?