COVID-19 Strikes West Alabama: One Year Later 

Many may feel like we're finally starting to get back to some normalcy in West Alabama. There is no doubt that things looked completely different a year ago thanks to the pandemic.

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Back in 2020, the month of March was off to a great start. It felt like all of a sudden, COVID-19 went from being a virus that was just overseas to a virus in our own backyard! It was scary, to say the least. The worst part about it is that this was the week my newborn son was finally going to join me in Alabama.


When I first moved to Alabama, my wife was pregnant and almost due so we agreed to have her stay in Florida to give birth and move up to Alabama 6 weeks after. When I left Alabama to pick up my family, I don't recall COVID-19 being such a huge deal. I remember driving back up to Alabama and it felt like overnight the pandemic hit. My parents were blowing up my phone making sure we didn't take our newborn out of the car and to be extra careful when stopping for gas out of fear of contracting the virus.


We arrived in Alabama and it was literally a different state. The streets were empty, businesses were closed midday and the grocery store shelves were bare. I couldn't believe it.


One year later and we still have people across the state who believe the virus isn't as deadly as it seems. In Alabama alone, there have been over 10,000 deaths from COVID-19 according to the ADPH dashboard. It seems pretty real to me. For anyone who has been affected by this virus or lost a family member or loved one, you are in my prayers.

Many local businesses in the Druid City were forced to permanently close due to the pandemic. Through this pandemic, we learned even more how important it is to support local business as well. We salute the grit and heart Alabamians showed through these tough times. Though we're not out of the woods yet, one year later, we're becoming stronger together.

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