A restaurant in Keene, New Hampshire is causing quite a stir with it's name, and residents are debating whether it's offensive or brilliant.

The place is called Pho Keene Great, and even though it's not scheduled to open for a couple more months, it's become the talk of the town.

The restaurant specializes in French-Vietnamese food, and the owners say that name is a play on both the Vietnamese dish Pho (pronounced "fuh") and the name of the town Keene. The last part, GREAT, is obviously what they think of their product. So, when you put it all together you get Pho Keene Great! 

Clever name, right? Well, Keene City Manager, Elizabeth Dragon, deemed the name of the place to be offensive, and asked that the sign be taken down. The restaurant has since complied with that request. However, when Pho Keene Great polled people on it's official Facebook page, 97% of those polled found the name to be "Fun" and "Not Offensive".

The restaurant is still planning on a March 1rst Grand Opening.

Personally, I don't think they should go with the name Pho Keene Great, only because the name is bit misleading. The restaurant is a French-Vietnamese restaurant, not just Vietnamese place. Therefore, I say that they should also recognize the French portion of their menu. So with that said, I believe that I have the perfect name for this establishment...... I would call it: "Wee-Wee That's Pho Keene Great!"

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