What wouldn’t you give to wake up in the morning and be within a few miles of the Alabama coast?  You could stay in a home or hotel near the beach to start and end the day with peace in paradise.

Imagine it!

The smell of the coastal air.  The diversity seemingly drawn by most coastal cities.  The feeling that nothing else in the world matters at that moment.

And then you look into the pool in your back yard and see what you think is an alligator.  You rub the sleep away from your eyes and look again.

Sure enough, it’s a gator alright!

Now, this may not be the way it happened for this unsuspecting homeowner, but when Steven McCulland of Mobile found an alligator swimming in his backyard pool, he recorded video and posted it online. Full story.

The video has been viewed by hundreds of thousands.

Luckily, the alligator came out of the pool and made its way to McCulland’s fence line. A wildlife agent removed it from the property.

We all hear of scenarios and volunteer our own “if it was me” storyline. So, here’s mine.

If it was me…

I would have recorded it just like McCulland did, but that video would include a lot of screaming for everybody in the house to come and take a look. Undoubtedly, SOMEBODY would have made the comment about how good alligator meat is and would have suggested that the gator be killed and cooked.

Oh! And all of this would have been done from inside a room overlooking the pool. NOBODY would be outside simply because we don’t fool with animals like that and don’t really know the speed of such. Soooooo… Just in case it could have escaped the water and run toward us, we would have maintained a safe distance INSIDE! Animal control would have been called only after we freaked out a little first.

And I know chlorine kills a number of germs, but my pool would have had to have been emptied, cleaned, and refilled.

How about you?  What would you have done if you discovered an alligator just chilling in your pool?

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