If you've never watched the news or seen a video and asked,  "Why did they interview that person?" this post isn't for you.

Maybe I'm becoming more sensitive in my older years (beyond my 20s, I mean), but I am tired of watching the news or seeing an interview where the person on the scene is much less than articulate. It's almost as if the crews say, "Let's find the closest person who most accurately displays the most negative southern stereotypes, and let's put HER on camera!"

I came to this after binge watching "My 600 Lb Life." One of the most disturbing cases to me was of a woman from Alabama. It wasn't the fact that she made the show that was embarrassing to me. It wasn't even the fact that she still ate unhealthy snacks against the doctor's orders. The thing that bothered me the most is that on national television, she said "baze" rather than "bathe." Had she said it only once,  I might have been able to get over it,  but she said it a few times. Each time, I got more and more upset.

I know this lady was only being herself and that she needed help and even that this wasn't a case of exploitation by the news, but it simply led to me thinking about it.

Is entertainment more important than the story?

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