It's the most interesting time of the year. And pretty creepy as well.

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This is how it all we go to Northport, Alabama.

A family in Northport loves this time of year, and started decorating for the season.

This individual does not want us to give any names or exact addresses.

As they finished up decorating , the dad took some photos of the work on the pumpkins.

Most importantly, the person taking the picture was the ONLY person home at the time. That's why the photos were taken, as a way to send them to family members to show them the front porch.

Nobody noticed anything initially. It was not until a couple family members saw the photos and pointed out something very, very creepy.

I'm gonna show you these photos and let you decide.

Look at the first couple, and nothing is out of the ordinary. As we get to the other photos, that's when you see it.

attachment-IMG_1127 (1)

OK, notice anything?


We spent lots of time with the individual that turned them in to us and we do not believe they have edited or tampered with the photos.


We also had the images looked at by an Imagery Analyst that specializes in digital forensics. They too believe the photos are not doctored.

I don't know how anyone could deny the fact that these photos are creepy.


The images are clear and so is the piece of the puzzle that should not be present. As camera tech has evolved, so too has the photography of puzzling "spirits'.

This one is blown up to clearly see the image within the image.


According to our Image Analyst, it is all about how smartphones take photos in 2021.

Ghosts, spooks or demons have always showed up in photos but with HDR clarity we can see more than ever before.

What do you see?

C'mon man, that is messed up. That is plain creepy.

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