Racial Slur Spray Painted On For Sale Sign

Where do I begin?  This is heartbreaking.  The Millers, an interracial couple experienced something horrible.  A racial slur was spray painted on their realty companies “for sale” sign.  How does something like this continue to happen in 2019?  I have my theories but I will keep that to myself.  Being in Alabama for over 14 years, you get to know people and witness their journey.  Here is the deal, I know the Millers.  They are a beautiful and blessed family and this is heartbreaking.  I always enjoy Jeremy’s updates on Facebook about his family and business adventures.  So proud of what they have accomplished.  However, what marvels me is their compassion towards the person who spray painted the N word on the sign.  Now, that is what I call a life lesson for us all.  You can read the article here!

Smooches, @MaryKRadio

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