Tips On How to Identify Black History Makers in Alabama

92.9 WTUG, Praise 93.3, and 105.1 The Block is gearing up for Black History Month.  We consider it an honor to highlight great African Americans from the past and present.

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There is still plenty of time to nominate a Black History Maker. We know that many African Americans are shaping our communities daily. Click here to nominate them.

Who to nominate - Ask yourself the following:

Who do you feel needs to be recognized for their outstanding leadership during Black History Month?

Is this person your neighbor, teacher, pastor, law enforcement, caregiver, parent, doctor, government official, or activist? The list is endless.

Do you know someone who is positively affecting our Alabama communities?

Is there someone that is being a catalyst for change in the community?
Who do I know that is serving to help others?

Are there any leaders I know whose positivity influences change with their settings?

Is there someone that is elevating social change in Alabama?

Think about if you know anyone that has dedicated their time and resources to the educational system?

What about the economic standing of African Americans? Is there someone helping bring change?

Do you know someone that is helping diversity in the workplace?

Is this person you? You can nominate yourself too!

Think about these questions and nominate someone to become a Black History Maker of Alabama. You can nominate as many people as you would like. Click here for more details.

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