I'm always running into folks that are new to Alabama.

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A big part of that in Tuscaloosa is, of course, having a rather large university in town.

"Pissed off" might be a bit stronger reaction for some of these things. It just might make us chuckle or laugh out loud. That said, a few definitely can make an Alabama man or woman get pretty ticked off.

This video may be about "South Alabama" but it made me laugh and the sausage point is true everywhere. One lesson from that video that is VERY true? Never upset an Alabama woman when she is holding an object that will hurt if thrown.

Let's go tackle these things, if you're new to the state, you need to be AWARE of:

1. Not understanding our "Alabama/Southern words".

This video from, It's a Southern Thing,  hits several of them:

Doohickey, Fixin-to, britches are a few mentioned by It's A Southern Thing. In Alabama we don't use the letter G very often. Fixin, mixin (as in bowls), mornin, workin, evenin, runnin, drivin...you get the idea.

This video also has great insight on our way of talkin'.

*Video from It's A Southern Thing/YouTube

2. Serving us a glass of UNsweet tea!

NO. As funny man Mark Lowry always says "SUGAR belongs in tea! NOT that pink stuff that causes cancer"!

Mark explains it below.

*Video from Mark Lowry/YouTube

3. Saying Pickup Truck

The expression is "get in the TRUCK"! You have a huge country music hit called "Wait In The TRUCK". Nobody in Alabama calls it a "pickup truck". Ever.

4. Hearing someone whine and moan about the "hot weather" or no "real winter"

You are in ALABAMA for the love of all things holy! It is HOT in Alabama! I wear shorts on Christmas Day, most years. AND YES, we do get snow...not very much and it usually is less than an inch, but every 5-10 or 15 years, we get a little bit of snow.


OK, you don't get it. We, here in Alabama are in a hurry and we don't know why (thanks Alabama). We humbly ask that you either lead, follow or get the heck out of our way if you are driving on Alabama roads.

Wow, that felt good to get off my chest. I think this might become a regular thing. 5 things that piss us off in Alabama, every month of the year.

I'm sure you can think of some that I forgot or left out. I did not even touch on football in the south, so there is MORE to come!

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