We all hate it, we all stay nervous when the Alabama Highway Patrol SUV pulls up behind us, especially the unmarked ones. We get a slight chill when he's right up on us, but then relax as he changes lanes and speeds by us.

But what if you happen to be carrying something that could get you into a who lotta trouble. Big Drug Bust and Weapons Possession just this week.

Drug agents confiscated a large quantity of methamphetamine ice, a stolen AR-15 rifle and cash during an early-morning drug bust.

Thomas Bradley Walker, 45, of Coker, led police on a brief pursuit and attempted to discard evidence, said Tuscaloosa Police spokeswoman Lt. Teena Richardson.

The bust on Interstate 20/59 was the culmination of the West Alabama Narcotics Task Force's two-month investigation into illegal drug trafficking, she said.

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