There's this feature on Facebook which will notify you if someone posts a picture showing someone that the social medium recognizes as possibly being you.  It'll ask if you want to tag yourself.

This is cool to be notified when someone posts a picture of which you are not aware

But has the site ever gotten it wrong?

There have been a few times where it asked me if I wanted to tag myself in the photo someone else posted.  Usually, it really IS a picture I'm in.  However, lately, Facebook has been TRIPPING!

A few weeks ago, I went Live; and a window popped up, asking if I wanted to tag my aunt.

Uhhhh.... Why would I want to tag my aunt in my video?  It took a few seconds for me to realize I was actually being recognized as her! Then, a few days ago, it asked me if I wanted to tag myself in a picture one of my friends posted of herself!  I sent her a text saying that I almost felt tempted to tag myself as her because she's very cute. I didn't do it, though.

Has Facebook ever asked if you wanted to tag yourself? If so, for whom were you mistaken?

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