For most concert ticket giveaways, in addition to on-air contests, we're giving listeners a chance to win via the WTUG app.

How exactly does that work?  Easy!

The app is free. So, downloading it to your phone is simple.  Once it's on your phone, be sure to create a screenshot showing the app and upload it to the WTUG app, using the "Feedback" tool.

Because we have a steady stream of concerts for which we have tickets, be sure to include what tickets you're trying to win

Unfortunately, tickets won via the app (or text) are held to the same guideline as other contests.  Winners are disqualified from winning another prize from WTUG for 30 days.  However, it's much easier to text or upload an entry than it is to win by being Caller #9, as there are no busy signals, no voicemail, and no waiting for a particular time.

What are you waiting for? Get the WTUG app today!

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