Like most people, I love good customer service! The bad thing is, nowadays, it seems to be rare!

I think each week, I'm going to highlight a individual in the community that went above and beyond in their job. It could be how attentive they were, how kind they were and also how they made me feel as a custumer . Yes I pay attention to all of that, more so when the person have no idea who I am!

A Big shout out goes out to a lady named Adrian, she works at the Arby's on McFarland. When I  pulled up to place my order, she greeted me ( which should always be done hurr how all you great when you pull up to the drive thru is, can I  take your order, no welcome to ..... or nothing) she was hospitable, wasn't rushing and made sure she had my order right.  Going through the drive thru can sometimes be a nightmare but Adrian really made it pleasant! Not to mention she's from Brooklyn!!

Thank you Adrian for your hospitality, that goes a long way in my book!  Big shout out to Arby's for hiring a person that cares about their customers!