In just a few weeks, school will begin. While many parents are already preparing for the new school year and others are waiting for the tax free weekend, some adults are taking steps to go back to school themselves. Right now, Stillman College is making that easier.

According to the institution's website, Stillman is assisting those who've begun college but have yet to complete. All that's needed is a copy of one's transcript and an idea of a desired major! In addition, for students who have not been enrolled since Summer 2012, there is the possibility of having 100% of student debt forgiven.

For some of us, this is the perfect opportunity to improve upon ourselves while also supporting a West Alabama staple. Stillman College has significantly grown from the traditional private institution to one that now encompasses numerous programs to assist in one's obtaining a degree, from the Stillman Management Institute (which meets once a week) to online courses.

If going back to school is a goal you've set for yourself, it might be worth it to look into Stillman. More information is available at the school's website.

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