Personally, I like odd.

Strange, peculiar, bizarre, eccentric, freakish, quirky things.

I think crazy people are happier than the rest of us. They don't know they are crazy.


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I have lived in Tuscaloosa, off and on, since 1988. I thought I knew lots about Tuscaloosa.

Although, I just recently learned that Northport at one time was called NORTH Tuscaloosa. Huh, weird, right?

So, I wonder if you know about a few things to check out in the area, that are cool and unusual. Let's start with...



Goldie 1971 photo from Google Maps

At one time, the area (including Birmingham) was known for manufacturing pig iron.

That is what you just read. PIG IRON. Sloss Furnace was one of the locations. A grad student from the U of A, got inspired, and now we have "Goldie" in Tuscaloosa.



Photo: Carol Highsmith/Public Domain

Over on 6th street in Tuscaloosa. Tuscaloosa was the state capitol back in 1826-1846.

The Capitol building was quite a sight to behold.

It was known as an architectural showplace. Well, the building caught on fire in the '20's and that was that.

As much as they could save, they saved.

It's really pretty cool to see up close and personal. Open to the public. Go take the kids to explore and burn off all that energy.



Photo: DC Daniel


I am intrigued by any SPACE DEBRIS, personally.

How about you? I love sci-fi and I love the bit of debris from beyond that is in Tuscaloosa.

The meteor crashed through the roof of Ann Hodges on November 30, 1954. I love the quote from Ann, "I think God intended it for me".

That's great. So are the unusual things of T-town!

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